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  1. How did the 1980′s change from the 1970′s?
    i’m doing a huge case study for my hair and beauty course and currently studying the history of hair and beauty, for my case study for the final grade we had to choose an era and i chose the 80′s i’ve got plenty of information on Madonna, the fashion, make-up, Cindy Lauper, Duran Duran, Wham and Human League and how the look is used Rihanna and Lady Gaga today. i’m just stuck on what dramatic changes occured from the ’70′s to the ’80′s please help me? paragraphs on what changed would help, thanks. :) just to give me a guideline on what to write i have to fill up an a3 size paper on the history of the 80′s . thanks. any help will be great.

    • 70′s

      Feathered hair with bangs, shoulder length for guys. Anglo fros for those with curly hair (sometimes called “jewfro”), along with the standard “Afro” for those with the hair. Fros common for men and women. Bulky mustaches, beards common. Young women had long, single length hair in the early 70′s, while older women still work bouffants and wigs until the mid 70′s. Casual, layered crops came in the mid 70′s, fairly androgynous. Feather banks came during the “Disco era”.

      Polyester clothing with distorted proportions and exaggerated mixes of earth colors with psychedelic colors and prints..for instance, lime green with burnt orange…or deep red with brown.
      Bulky clothing..pant suits common for men and women, with big lapels/collars and bell bottoms or at the very least, flare legged. casual neck scarf common. Head scarf common in casual setting for women (pre-folded triangular stitched headscarf with a padded headband was a common accessory for women in the 70′s). Women officially abandoned the skirt as official public attire, replacing with dress slacks as standard, skirts as novelty. Animal prints, tribal and tropical motifs were popular, along with oddly colored plaids, damask and residual 60′s paisley.

      Plastic shoes, plastic handbags, plastic clothes, plastic dishware, plastic furniture.

      Makeup :
      Earth tones or no makeup in the early 70′s changing to pastel/neon mix in the late 70′s. The Bowie/glam era inspired the fashion industry to be more “gay” friendly.

      Mullets, spikes, layered hair, skater hair (emo today) hair gel and stiffener for “high hair” that was common. Jeri Curls were popular for African Americans until better, safer product for hair straightening came out. Usual punk styles, but more casualized for everyday people. Exaggerated androgynous styles came to a height in the 80′s. All the hairstyles mentioned for the 80′s, including the “Bob” could apply to both men and women.

      Androgynous peak. Oversized blazers with fold-up sleeves worn with a dress shirt and blue or black jeans was probably the most worn public outfit for men and women alike. The “Robin Hood” look was also common for younger girls, (an over-sized shirt, sweater or straight mini dress accenting the figure only with a belt, worn with tights or stretch-pants and medieval boots)
      Subcultures galore started in the 80′s, such as goth, punk, jock, preppie, headbanger, hair metal, ect, Each had their own wardrobe (and yes, inspired many of today’s performers). Bows in hair were popular all through the 80′s, though the size varied year by year. Rubber Shoes called “Jellies” were worn by girls until about 1986. lace for girls, lace shirts with undershirts. Blazers with lace undershirt, etc. Net clothing for both genders, with and without under/overwear. The colors were often a mix of pastel and neons, with accents of solid black and white. Print motifs were often pop art, geometric, futuristic, cartoonish, abstract and disjointed. Stripes and polka dots were often mixed in the same outfit. Accessories such as plastic neon bracelets, leg warmers, lace gloves and that new thing called the fanny pack were common sights. Drop waist dresses were common in the late 80′s. Neon tribal print knee length shorts with OP T-shirts were pretty much the uniform for skater dudes. Pointed shoes were also common, as well as pastel high tops. But most notably, jeans, jeans, jeans.

      Like clothes, pastel mix with neon on natural base becoming more earth tone and casual “goth” toward the end of the decade. More men were wearing makeup than before in modern society.

      In a nutshell, the 70′s were more of an earthy, stoner form of tackiness, while the 80′s managed to mix corporate industrial aesthetics with psychedelics galore.

  2. Do I have the ability to grow the beard I want?
    I am of African American descent, and am 20 years old. I currently only have a soul patch on my face, along with dreadlocks. The rest of my face is clean shaven due to the fact everytime I let my facial hair grow it looks terrible, hair actually grows on my upper cheek area more than the lower cheek area. When I had a mustache it never connected with my goatee so I just decided to shave them both off because to me they looked horrible. ”

    My ideal facial hair style would be the hair going from sideburn to sideburn around my face, and then my mustache and goatee connecting together, something like this


  3. How do women that have a lot of facial hair remove it during Basic Military Training?
    I have a lot of facial hair on my chin. Also, I have a thin mustache and eyebrows that need to be groomed. I have so much facial hair that plucking it is very time consuming. Time that, in Basic Military Training, I do not have. Since women that have a lot of facial hair is not a disqualification and facial hair is not allowed in the Armed Forces. How do women control their facial hair during basic military training? I know one woman that took tweezers with her, but that is not an option for me. I also read that some TI’s won’t let you use the razors that are provided for you to groom leg and under arm hair. Since I am an African American shaving and tweezing causes ingrown hairs. It is a struggle dealing with it every normal day, I can’t imagine what I’m going to do during BMT. Someone, please help the bearded lady realize her dreams of joining the Armed Forces. I really don’t want to ask a recruiter this question face to face. Thank you

    • I think you just have to shave like us men do. The military does not care about style, just function.

    • It is secondary sex characteristic in human males. Most men develop facial hair in puberty. Many women also have some facial hair, especially after menopause, though typically much less than men. Eyebrows and eyelashes are also grown by both sexes of all ages.

      Male pogonotrophy (the growing of facial hair; beardedness) is often culturally associated with wisdom and virility. Many men style their facial hair into beards, moustaches, goatees or sideburns. However, many others completely shave their facial hair. A man’s facial hair, especially short hairs that were missed in shaving, is often referred to as whiskers, although only certain nonhuman mammals have true sensory whiskers.

      Women typically have little hair on their faces, apart from eyebrows and the fine fuzz nearly all people have covering most of their bodies. However, a few women have noticeable facial hair growth. Excessive hairiness (especially facially) is known as hirsutism, and is usually an indication of abnormal hormonal variation, or even abnormality. In contemporary western culture, almost all women shave, tweeze or otherwise depilate facial hair which does appear, as there is considerable social stigma associated with facial hair in women. Freak shows and circuses once displayed (usually fake) bearded women.
      Abraham Lincoln was said to have grown a beard because a little girl wrote him that he would look better with one.
      Abraham Lincoln was said to have grown a beard because a little girl wrote him that he would look better with one.

      The amount of facial hair on a man’s face varies from individual to individual, and also between ethnic groups. For example, men from many East Asian, West African or Native American backgrounds typically have much less facial hair than those of European, Middle Eastern or South Asian descent, with Native Americans typically having little to none at all. Middle Easterners, northern East Asians, and Eastern Africans can grow copious amounts of facial hair.

  4. I need to know where to find wigs?
    I want to know where you can find wigs that look like real hair when they are on your head, my friend wants one.

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  5. do you know of any african american salons in durham or raliegh area?
    Looking for someone to do press and curl or twist outs…

    • Samuel Cole Salon
      240 Newton Rd Ste 100 1/2, Raleigh, NC
      Get a new ‘do with haircuts, color, Japanese thermal reconditioning, conditioning treatments, perms, relaxers, updos and more.
      Go to Website

      Hair Champs Salon
      4800 Grove Barton Rd Suite 102, Raleigh, NC
      Full-service upscale salon for men and women specializes in haircuts and styling; Perms, highlightling and facials also available.

      Peek-a-Do! the salon for kids
      7011 Fayetteville Rd. #106, Durham, NC
      Since 2005, providing hair cuts and updos only for children and adults; offers manicures, ear piercing, upscale toys and parties.
      Go to Website

      Salon Kroma of Raleigh
      1629 N Market Dr (Off Old Wake Forest Rd), Raleigh, NC
      State-of-the-art salon offers trendy and classic cuts.
      Go to Website

      Salon Blu
      6617 Falls Of Neuse Rd Ste 103, Raleigh, NC
      Stylists at this hip salon help clients stay on top of the latest trends in cuts and color.
      Go to Website

      Salon Kroma of Cary
      2064 Kildaire Farm Rd., cary, NC
      Located in the Crescent Commons shopping center, carries TIGI and Matrix products and offers cuts, coloring, perms, straightening and makeup.
      Go to Website

      Troutman Beauty Affaire
      200 Sawmill Road, Raleigh, NC
      Haircuts include shampoo and blow dry; trims available for bangs, beard and sideburns; full-service color and texture treatments and waxing services.
      Go to Website

      Modern Enhancement Hair Extension, Studio.
      1610 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, NC
      Hair enhancement services offered specializing in Caucasian and African American hair extension textures, as well as hair integrations.

      The Hair and Face Lounge – An Aveda Salon
      237 W Chatham St, Cary, NC
      Go to Website

      Snip-its Haircuts for Kids
      8411 Brier Creek Pkwy Suite 103, Raleigh, NC
      A kids’ hair salon that uses games, characters and prizes to keep young customers occupied during trims.
      Go to Website

      Serenity Day Spa
      1728 Durham Chapel Hl Blvd Ste 161, Chapel Hill, NC
      A stripped-down spa setting offers capable service at better-than-competitive prices.
      Go to Website

      Devine Salon Spa & Wellness
      5024 Old Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC
      Go to Website

      Studio K Salon
      4711 Hope Valley Rd, Durham, NC
      Razor cuts and free consultations, plus color services, straightening, special-occasion updos, mustache trimming, makeup application and facial waxing.
      Go to Website

      Mina’s Studio
      The Galleria Shopping Center – 400 S Elliott Rd., Suite K, Chapel Hill, NC
      Full-service salon offers cuts, highlights, relaxers and more, plus spa services including waxing, ear candling, facials, massage and nail services.
      Go to Website

      Hair by KIM CATALANO
      10320 Durant Road Suite 111, Raleigh, NC
      Vidal Sassoon-trained stylist specializes in precision cuts, coloring, formal updos, and thermal straightening and reconditioning.
      Go to Website

      Who Does Your Hair
      1241 S Main St, Wake Forest, NC

      Mitchell’s Hair Styling
      4325 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC
      Prices correlate to the stylist’s experience level at this Triangle chain. Services include cuts, color, highlights, updos and more.

      Studio 180
      200 S Academy St Ste 200, Cary, NC

      Carrie Smith at Manewaves Salon
      5945 Cliffdale Rd, Fayetteville, NC

      Warren Scott Master Hair Colourists Salon & Day Spa
      6320 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC

  6. Why do older aged African American people in the black community hate to see young black men with long hair?
    I am a young black guy and im 22.

    Why do older aged African American people in the black community hate to see young black men with long hair?

    Ande what i mean is that older aged black people who are aged in their 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s 80′s and 90′s to 100 hate to see a young black man wearing his hair in a afro or braids or dreads.

    But older black poeople love and rejoice when they see a young black man like me with a low clean haircut and a trimmed mustache and beard or clean shaved face.

    I have experienced other older black people specifically my parents who hate to see me wear my hair in any style than a low close to the scalp clean haircut .

    • I hate going to the hair dresser and I have to wait an hour for a black boy to get his hair braided. Thats how I know you have no professional job.

  7. How do you create CJ (from GTA san andreas) on saints row 2 for XBOX 360?
    my freind showed me a picture of him but i don’t Know how to create him

      African American
      The other two don’t matter

      50, 100, 25, 0, middle row all the way to the right


      71, 0, 70, 25, 25, 100

      53, 83, 13

      32, 62, 100, 0, 50, 0

      100, 12, 36, 0, 62, 46, 56, 64, 39, 100

      Dark brown

      50, 100, 23, 91, 100, 42, 100, 73, 0, 79, 67, 15, 30, 100

      57, 63, 100, 39, 19, 73, 27, 71, 36, 17, 82, 32, 23

      62, 19, 14, 39, 29, 42, 82, 28, 28, 14, 100, 69, 51, 21, 0, 22, 0, 71, 50

      12, 60, 37, 100, 100, 100, 74, 11, 100, 19, 100, 45, 88, 26, 34

      35, 53, 19, 28, 0, 55, 34, 0

      58, 0, 14

      All hair colors black
      Hair: Shaved Head
      Mustache: Trimmed Long
      Beard: Goatee w/Soul Patch

      Walk: Thug Style 2

      -Got this from mentioned thread. have fun!-

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